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Dusty’s Denton, TX

Dusty’s is your go to home for cold drinks, hot food and fun people.  Come on by because your one of the family at Dusty’s.


Who the heck is Dusty?

It’s been said that people come into our lives for a “reason” or a “season”. On rare occasions a person might enter our lives for both. Dusty was one of those people. He was first, a customer…someone who showed up often, ordered his two beers, left his $4 tip and went home. He was a “regular”… someone you could count on to “be there”. He was then, a friend…someone with whom we could talk about things that mattered; someone who shared his passions & dreams with us– & who listened to ours; someone who checked on us if we were sick and cared about what we were doing with our lives. He was, finally, a mentor…someone from whom we always learned something (if we listened); someone who was well-educated, well-informed & well-spoken; someone who was part of this establishment before we ever hung our shingle. Dusty entered our lives for a season. Though he is gone he will not be forgotten. He entered for a reason, one which is still being defined. But he had a vision-one that included us– & so we honor this customer, this friend, this mentor, by including him in ours.


What We Offer

Dustys offers great drinks, good food and a home town atmosphere.  Come by Dustys today to experience a great night out.

  • Chips & Jalapeno Ranch…$1.99
  • Chips & Salsa…$3.99
  • Chips & White Cheddar Queso…$6.99
  • Chips & Dip Platter…$8.99
  • Corn Dogs (2)…$3.99
    • add Waffle Fries for $1.99
  • Basket of Waffle Fries (with Jalapeno Ranch)…$3.99
  • Fried Potato Chips (with Jalapeno Ranch)…$3.99
  • Bean & Cheese Nachos…$7.99
    • 1/2 order $4.99
  • Loaded Nachos…$9.99
  • Cheese Quesadillas…$5.99
  • Loaded Quesadillas…$7.99
  • Dusty’s Burger…$7.99
  • Veggie Burger…$7.99
  • Bacon Burger…$8.99
  • Hickory Burger…$8.50
  • Jalapeno Burger…$8.99
  • Mushroom & Swiss Burger…$8.50
  • Patty Melt…$8.50
  • Burger of the Month…ask for details
  • Dusty’s Fries…$8.99
    • 1/2 Order…$5.99
  • Philly Fries…$8.99
    • 1/2 Order…$5.99